Renters Protection

Northwest Farmers Mutual designed this product for renters/tenants. This program offers replacement coverage on the tenants' personal belongings as well as living expenses in the event you are forced to make a temporary living arrangement from a covered loss. In addition, this policy provides liability to the renter.

Renters protection covers your personal belongings

Homeownership isn’t for everyone, especially depending on what point they are at in their lives. Sometimes renting is the best option for a person or family. However, that doesn’t mean renters don’t need protection for their belongings inside that rental. 

Whether stolen or ruined in a fire, renters protection covers your personal belongings, so you have coverage to replace them. While many items are irreplaceable, this at least will help give some peace of mind to get money to replace all the ones that are replaceable. 

When determining the amount of rental protection coverage, it is important to consider the things you would want to replace. A few common or larger ticket items include:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry 
  • Electronics
  • Home office needs & supplies (this is especially important if you work from home)
  • Food (think of your regular grocery bill & stocked pantry items to determine this cost)

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Not only is rental protection great for families and single individuals, but this is the perfect program for college students and pastors living in church parsonages.

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