Dwelling Fire

Northwest Farmers Mutual has designed this program to make us the one-stop shop carrier for clients. Many of our homeowners have at least one or more rental properties or maybe a lake or hunting cabin they like to get protected in an event of a loss. Our dwelling fire product will provide coverage for any seasonal, vacant, tenant, or owner-occupied.

Protect Your Home Against Fire Damage: Get Dwelling Fire Insurance Today

Don’t stop protection at just your home. If you have a seasonal vacation home or a property you rent out, then it’s equally important to protect those places as well. Imagine owning a vacation home, showing up and seeing it was devastated by a fire, and knowing the property and its belongings were not insured. Save yourself that nightmare! 

If you don’t have a tenant currently occupying your rental property, that doesn’t mean something can’t happen to it. Fires and burglaries even happen to vacant properties, and sometimes even squatters break in to utilize the uninhabited property. Insurance will cover any broken or destroyed parts of the property should any of those unfortunate instances occur. 

Start your Dwelling Fire Insurance Now!

Reach out to your agent today and see if you qualify. Or contact us by calling 336-759-2176, if you are in the market for this and other insurance packages for all your properties.